We're working to bring your favorite classics the attention they deserve.

Our inspiration

Sometimes the simpler things are, the better! What's not to love about a classic ice cream parlor? From the retro-themed decor to the tall soft serve cone covered in sprinkles (or jimmies!), they scream nostalgia to me. We're bringing all of those feelings to the forefront with Sprink & Jimmy's!

About me

Hi, I'm Allison. I've always had an affinity for ice cream. In fact, I've spent a lot of summer months working in an ice cream shop and make sure to indulge in some local favorites any time I travel. I've learned a lot and I've tried a lot, but my favorites have always remained the classic flavors and experiences inspired by retro ice cream parlors. Whether you say sprinkles or jimmies, we have something to share with everyone!